If you are wondering how Group Cycling might be different from riding a stationary bike, here's the answer! Group Cycling is an indoor, stationary, team cycling workout that simulates outdoor riding movements while incorporating motivational techniques. Group Cycling bikes were designed to create the sensation of riding a real bicycle, so you enjoy the feel of outdoor riding without the associated dangers and setbacks. The bikes offer a wide range of adjustability; thus, they can give everyone a comfortable fit while also simulating different terrain.


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Why do Group Cycling???


The goal of a Group Cycling class is to enhance both an individual's physical fitness and sense of accomplishment. Group Cycling  offers non-impact aerobic conditioning for individuals who prefer or are limited to such a workout, and does not require much physical coordination, unlike most aerobics classes. The sense of teamwork each Group Cycling class cultivates also provides that extra motivation and sense of accomplishment that people need to get them excited about exercise. Come try Group Cycling at Fitness World-it's good for your heart and your soul!