Experience High Intensity Interval Training at its Best!

High Intensity Interval Training is the top trend in fitness for 2018!

Our AMP program provides you with the most efficient and result oriented workout you've ever experienced! Each class session is coached by one of our experienced certified personal trainers who will guide you through this high intensity workout. The workout is never the same in order to keep your body guessing, and participants always engaged!

This low cost group training provides you with a motivating and challenging environment that will help you achieve the results that you've been looking for! We guarantee it, or we'll give you your money back!

What are AMP Group Classes?

Each day focuses on a different muscle group. Station based circuits organized to give you the most efficient combination of strength building, fat burning workout all in one! The classes are 45 minutes. Get ready for some high intensity athletic training! (Maximum 10 participants)

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AMP Class Times

Monday - Thursday

Morning Sessions: 5:45AM, 9:15AM

Evening Sessions: 5:30PM, 6:30PM


Morning Sessions: 5:45AM, 9:15AM

Evening Session: 5:30PM


8:00AM, 9:45AM, 10:45AM


10:15AM, 1:15PM

Today's AMP Class Schedule

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Premium Package

$99/mo Individual | $149 Couple | $199 Family

Premium Membership includes your membership dues!

(12 month commitment)

AMP Packages

Individual Class - $18

5 Pack - $65

10 Pack - $120.00

20 Pack - $220.00

30-Day Unlimited - $149

Minimum Commitment Option

3 Month Minimum commitment and does not include membership dues | $149

$119/Month Unlimited classes
(3 month minimum commitment)

Guaranteed results or your money back!


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AMP Daily Schedule

Monday – Upper Body

Start your week off right by working those upper body muscles. Classes are designed to work the back, chest and assisting muscles.

Tuesday – Lower Body

You simply cannot miss lower body day.

Wednesday – Arms, Abs, etc.

We hit arms, abs, shoulders etc..

Thursday – AMPed Cardio

AMPed Cardio focus on really raising the heart rate and torching fat! While our other classes include set times for each station. AMPed is based purely on how long it takes you to make it through the posted workout. It's up to you how hard you want to go!

Friday – Full Body

Working you from top to bottom.

Saturday – Strength

Focused on full body strength and power.

Sunday – Coach's Choice

A mix of all of the above, or a specific focus that will vary each week.
Every class will include an abdominal section. We work them everyday!

Sign Up Online 2 Weeks Ahead of time.

Click here, or call (919) 544-9000. Classes must be paid for in advance.


We Know sometimes things happen that are out of your control. However, to avoid being charged please respect Fitness World's 24-hour cancellation policy on AMP Group Fitness classes. Cancellations can be processed online or by calling us at (919) 544-9000. All No-Shows will be charged the full class amount.