Personal Training

Personal Training at Fitness World

We are leaders in the field of one-on-one personal training as well as couples and small group personal training. Our trainers are required to hold at least one national certification and undergo at least four weeks of an in house process we call "on boarding" before they become a Fitness World Personal Trainer. This helps ensure the quality of our training staff. We hire the best of the best. Our trainers are not only educated, but they are dedicated to your success. We are the best health investment you'll ever make.

What to expect from your Healthy Start Program:

  • A FREE initial 60 Minute consultation to establish a starting point
  • Initial Body Composition testing
  • Guidelines for proper nutritional intake.
  • A sample fitness program designed with your goals in mind
  • One-on-one attentive, hands on training for ensuring proper technique.
  • Review of program prescription to help you achieve your goals
  • Expertise matched by none in the industry

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Benefits of Working with a Personal Trainer

  • Goal Achievement: Achieve your goals quicker with a personalized workout program
  • Proper form and Technique: Reduce the risk of injury by learning to do the exercises correctly
  • Motivation and Accountability: You will work harder and more consistently knowing that your trainer will be there to help you along the way
  • Individual Attention: Program designed specifically for your goals and your specific needs
  • FUN: Your trainer can make your routine effective and fun

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